How does the Competition work? 

  • The simulator is based on-line. 
  • Each edition begins with a team draw. Teams are organized into groups (each group with a maximum of 8 teams, and each team with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 team members). 
  • Each group (of a maximum of 8 teams) creates a competitive market within which teams compete with one another. 
  • Each team receives the company history and management reports detailing company performance for the last 5 [five] quarters. 
  • Teams will outline a corporate strategy. 
  • Each team will launch its strategy by making functions decision in different areas of the company (including but not limited to Marketing, Production, Human Resource and Finance).
  • By a specific deadline, teams submit Management Decisions (using the Decision Sheet) to the Simulator via the Internet. 
  • The Simulator analyses and compares teams’ decisions and produces a Management Report, showing detailed results in financial and operational terms.
  • This process is repeated for 5 [five] quarters. 

Kenya Competition Format 

The competition for 2019-2020 will consist of: 

Trial Run – held over a one-week period with 2 [two] decision submissions. The aim of the trial run is for participants to familiarize themselves with the competition without incurring penalties for sub-par decisions. 

The trial run will be held from 6th to 15th January 2020.

Round 1 – the first round marks the formal start of the competition. Registered teams are placed in groups of 8 [eight] teams per group. The teams in each group compete with each other. The first round is played over a 5-week period representing 5 [five] quarters with decisions submitted every week. The winning team from each group proceeds to the National final. 

Round 1 will begin on 17th January 2020.

Deadlines for Round 1 Decision submissions are as follows:

R1 D18pm Friday, 31 January 2020
R1 D28pm Friday, 7 February 2020
R1 D38pm Friday, 14 February 2020
R1 D48pm Friday, 21 February 2020
R1 D58pm Friday, 28 February 2020

National Final – is an on-site event and played over a single day in Nairobi. Teams will once again make decisions for 5 [five] quarters based on information provided. 

The National Final will be held 14th March 2020.  The venue will be decided closer to the event date and communicated to all.

International Final – The winner of the national final will have the opportunity to compete in the International final played over two days, followed by a gala dinner. The winning teams of each of the participating countries compete with each other. Every year the international final of Global Management Challenge is conducted in a different city of the world. The international final for 2019/2020 edition of Global Management Challenge will be held in Lisbon, Portugal in May 2020.

Competition Material 

Manual – Explains the organisation and functions of the company and also contains generic guidance to prepare for the competition.  This is a good starting point into understanding the details of the company. 

Company History – The management reports from the previous 5 [five] quarters will provide strategic information on the company’s performance. 

Decision Sheet – Is used to submit the management decisions to the simulator, within a restricted area of the organiser’s web site. 

Management Report – Is produced after the simulator analyses and compares the teams’ decisions showing the detailed outcome in financial and operational terms. 

Other Materials Required:  computer, Internet access with minimum speed/bandwidth capacity, calculator, stationery, and an ability to print competition reports. 

Using the team’s username and password, within the restricted area of the organiser’s web site, the teams submit their management decisions and consult/download their Management report. All teams can, at any time, consult its Company history, the manual, the Competition’s calendar and its team’s ranking for each decision period, in the organiser’s web site.