Global Management Challenge Kenya


“Very well arranged. Very good support structure. Absolute value for time and money. I learnt more by submitting the first decision sheet than I did in 3 years of class. 5 stars”
– David Rukenya, UoN

“The competition from other teams made it enjoyable. As a team, you wouldnt want to make hasty decisions because any slight mistake would be dramatic”
– Sydney Mulundu, UoN 

“GMC has been a great experience where I have learnt a lot and had the chance to interact with friends at a managerial level. It has equipped me with the necessary skills like teamwork, stress management, managerial skills. Its the best learning experience I have ever had and the most practical experience I ever put in place.”
– Linet Njeri, K.U.

“Having worked with a beverage producing company as casual worker in the bottling section, l never knew what goes on beyond production area… GMC has brought me to the right and instilled the skill of managing a company even with the constraints of time. Am looking forward towards using the skills I acquired in actualizing my dreams.”
– John Karanja, K.U. 

“It was a thrilling experience that pushed me to explore topics and fields beyond my comfort area. I relish doing it all over again. Constantly kept me on my toes. I appreciated group dynamics, sustaining motivations for different personalities was quite a challenge. I believe it has made me a better person because it helped grow both in IQ and EQ which is not an opportunity offered in many places. I’ll use all the skills I gained as a stepping stones towards achieving better heights career wise and in life as well. My only regret is failing to progress past the First round of the competition.”– Thomas Ngata, UoN

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