Student Participation – a case study

Jason, Tom and Mary are university students and friends since day one. They met during induction week and have been a tight squad for the last two years. They’ve taken challenges together before from university assignments to job applications and they’re now exploring their individual skills as they figure out their next move – employment or entrepreneurship?

The squad has discussed starting a business together but they’re unsure. They know each other as friends but not as business partners. Jason has heard about the GMC and vaguely remembers some students two years ago took part and then started a business based on their experience – they had learnt their strengths, weaknesses and the intricacies of running a business through the GMC and they were better prepared to start their venture. When he mentions it to Mary it rings a bell – the GMC is what got her friend’s sister a job at a well-known accounting firm.

The squad decide to participate in the GMC. There’s nothing to lose because the experience will enhance their skills for employment or entrepreneurship. What’s more they’ll learn about themselves and each other. Knowing what you’re good at and what your team members are good at makes the difference when it comes to success whether it’s in friendship or business.

After taking part in the GMC the squad realises how much of the theory they’ve been learning about in school has been applied practically. They also discover that Mary is good at finance but Tom doesn’t agree with Mary’s approach to cost control when he wants to implement his aggressive marketing strategy. Tom and Jason understand operations and sales very well and are normally on the same page. Jason also recognises that without Mary’s focus they would go wayward in their spending.

Mary is a calculated leader. Jason is a risk-taker. Tom is a creative marketer. They wouldn’t have known any of this if they hadn’t taken the opportunity to participate in the GMC. The decision on whether to start their business together or not will be a better informed one now.