Corporate Participation – a case study

JawSaw’s is a medium sized manufacturing business that specialises in cutting saw’s and also has product lines for related hardware.

JawSaw’s CEO sees a poster on social media about the Global Management Challenge. He is particularly intrigued by the aspect of “becoming aware of the impact of participants’ decisions on their organization, within an environment designed to encourage and develop teamwork”. He shares the link with Pete.

Pete is an experienced HR manager under pressure from the directors to find and train the next level of management. However he’s been at a loss because he himself doesn’t understand the management requirements of other functions in the business. He realises the GMC will give him an opportunity to experience management and at the same time encourage his younger peers to feel the pressure that management feels.

Pete decides to gather his team of high potential future senior leaders and appoints Fridah as the leader:

Fridah is an administrator at JawSaw’s and graduated recently. She’s the academic amongst the group and loves competitions. She’s looking to enhance her leadership skills to one day be a director in a large corporate. Her hobbies include watching series, graphic design and social media.

Lucy is a customer care rep and spends lots of time in front of databases and on the phone. She’s tired of her work-home-work routine and misses her social life. GMC will give her the opportunity to expand her social life and grow her network. She’s hoping to meet one of the GMC sponsors to get that break and go beyond customer care.

Nadia is an accountant at JawSaw’s. She’s dreaming of becoming an ACA qualified accountant and needs the practical experience to help her pass the exams. To be a CFO at a listed company in some countries requires you to be ACA qualified. The GMC will give her the experience of being a CFO years before a human will!

John is an engineer and he’s always used to being told “there’s no budget”. He never understands why. He’s always been good at maths but never applied his knowledge outside of engineering. The GMC will give him an opportunity to use his math skills to do financial and capacity modelling to predict potential outcomes.

The competition will allow Fridah to practise her leadership and decision making skills. Pete will get a real understanding of what happens in other functions of the business aside from HR. Nadia will gain the practical experience and apply her accounting knowledge to help her pass an exam for which she can’t cram for. John will understand why a budget matters and the impact of projections on all areas of the business. Lucy will realise the power of databases while she networks amongst potential employers all looking to recruit from a pool of experienced talent.

If you resonate with any part of this case then find out more about the Global Management Challenge or Register to take part.