GMC was never a part of my life until I saw its poster at a notice board at Kenyatta University. The mention of the words management and strategy on the poster sparked an interest in me. For a long time I knew I wanted to end up in management, have a seat at the table and make impactful decisions, but I never got a platform to practice this. GMC had come at just the right time.

We later formed team Gladiators and participated in the GMC. Throughout the challenge, I realized that this was an avenue for growth and self-learning, more like experiential learning. Our team sailed through the nationals and eventually became 8th best internationally…my “Aha moment”.

GMC was so profound in my work life, so much that coming back into the country, my bosses gave me more managerial responsibilities and I delivered beyond expectation. Participating in GMC was the best decision I ever made. My career is without doubt, on a rising trajectory and I couldn’t be more proud. GMC has taught me that eventually what matters most, is taking the initiative and while at it, be the very best!