“The difference between GMC alumni and fresh graduates? Teamwork. GMC graduates are more prepared to work in a company setting.

“Duma works employs mostly at the internship level, and this tends to be a hit or miss with any hiring company. However, over the duration of our partnership with GMC, the one thing that has been consistent with people who have gone through the competition is their readiness to work with others. As small as the GMC teams are, they have an advanced readiness to plug into a bigger teams.”

Allan also reflects that the GMC makes participants more flexible as they are forced to take up roles that they have not necessarily studied for.

“Deriah, one GMC alumni who benefitted from an internship at our company, was a quick learner. He was not disillusioned because the entry level position was not what he ultimately wanted to do. He was able to improve on specific areas of learning, giving him the foundation he would need to go in any direction. Deriah was able to quickly fit in. People began to rely on him sooner than they ideally should have…kind of like Wambui.”

For Allan, the teamwork and professionalism are key badges of merit that come with taking part in the competition.

Allan is the Head Recruitment Advisor at Duma Works, a recruitment platform that’s changing the way people think about hiring.