What is the Global Management Challenge (GMC)?

The GMC (http://globalmanagementchallenge.pt/worldgmc) is the largest Strategy and Management Competition in the world. It’s the largest international event based on business simulations, with more than 500,000 university students and company managers participating throughout the world.

The competition currently runs in over 30 countries with 9 countries participating in Africa (Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa).

What is GMC Kenya?

GMC Kenya is the country version of the global competition brought to Kenya by Greener Pastures Ltd (http://www.greenerpastures.co.ke).

Who can participate?

The competition is open to all, students, corporates or professionals. You will need to form a team of between 3-5 team members, register on the GMC Kenya website and pay the participation fee.

There are 3 categories to participate in – self-sponsored student team, student sponsored team or a non-student team.

How do I register?

The first step is to form a team of 3-5 team members.

Then select the appropriate category you will participate under – i.e. student or non-student team.

Visit http://register.gmckenya.com/ to register your team (during the registration period). At this stage you should have details for all your team members.

Pay the participation fee and wait for a confirmation email indicating your registration has been successful.

I am not a student and not employed. How do I participate?

You would qualify under the non-student/professional team category. There is no restriction to who forms part of your team. See the website www.gmckenya.com for further detail.

How does the Kenya edition work?

There are 4 stages of the Kenyan competition – Round 1, Round 2, National Final and International Final.

Registered teams are split into groups of 8 teams per group. Each team then competes within other teams within their group.

Each round consists of 5 decision-making periods relating to weekly decisions. Over 5 weeks, each team is required to submit a decision sheet with decisions they have made regarding their company in areas of Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources. The Group Winner is the team that finishes with the best investment performance.

The top teams from Round 1 move to Round 2 and the top 8 teams from Round 2 move to the National Final. The winner of the National Final will get the opportunity to compete in the International Final in April 2017 in Doha, Qatar.

Where is the competition played? 

Round 1 and Round 2 of the competition are both played online in Kenya. There is no face-to-face interaction during these stages of the competition. You will need access to a computer and the Internet in order to successfully play the game.

The National Final will be played at a physical venue to be decided later. You will meet all teams that made it to the National Final.

The International Final changes country each year.

What business will we manage? 

You will manage a generic business for which company history and relevant information will be provided. It will normally be a Manufacturing company.

What are the competition dates?


The competition dates can be found on the website at this link: Calendar

Why participate?

For participants, whether students, corporates or professionals, it provides a platform without the real world business risks of making decisions when running a company. Specifically, the benefits are:

  • Gaining practical experience in managing key operational areas of a business and understanding their interdependence.
  • Increase employability
  • Experiencing team-based problem-solving
  • Developing analytical skills for economics, business, management and strategy

The winner of the National Final gets an all expense trip to compete in the International Final to represent Kenya.

Why sponsor the GMC Kenya edition?

As our partner we will endeavor to give you more than just media exposure. It’s about our country’s talent pool and how we want to shape it going into the future.

If you have an interest in developing the talent pool, the GMC provides an experience of the real world that only the real world can match. Developing people beyond education is all about experience – of involvement, of understanding and of exploring capabilities.

If you have an interest in recruiting young, high-caliber individuals or teams, then sponsoring the GMC is your access to a database of uniquely assessed candidates.

If you want an out-of-the-box training tool for your existing employees and colleagues, the GMC is that tool. Through participation they will enhance their holistic understanding of an organization while improving their strategic management and decision-making skills. Use the GMC to identify your upcoming leaders and star performers.

By coming on board as a sponsor or partner you will get exposure:

  • to all universities country-wide
  • to thousands of students including graduates who are currently unemployed and waiting to be discovered
  • to Corporates across a variety of industries and sectors
  • through Social media marketing from January to April, handled by professionals
  • in the print media including features and interviews

You will also be able to fulfil corporate social responsibility by:

  • Promoting  your organization as an investor in the nation’s youth and talent pool
  • Joining other organizations who are like-minded in their culture of investing in youth and training
  • Providing a motivational training environment for your future.