What is Experiential Learning?
GMC Kenya | What is experiential learning?

As a student, did you ever ask yourself any of the following questions? How is this information relevant to the real world? (i.e. Why should I care?) I have been sitting in this lesson for only 10 minutes. Why am I bored to tears? Why does my mind wonder during a lesson? You will be relieved to […]

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FAQ: How does the Global Management Challenge (GMC) Work?

Q: Does the GMC require books? A: The GMC is entirely conducted through our Management Simulator, an online tool provided through our portal. Your Team will require a computer and internet connectivity in order to compete.   Q: What is the time commitment? A: We estimate 3 – 5 hours per week, for the duration of 5 […]

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What is the GMC (Global Management Challenge)?
GMCKenya - How Does the GMC Work

  Are you an university student, employee or burgeoning entrepreneur? The Global Management Challenge (GMC) is your best opportunity to learn how to manage a company risk-free! The Global Management Challenge is the world’s largest strategy and management competition based on experiential learning. And this is the 2nd Edition of the GMC in Kenya. The Global Management […]

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